Waves, Turbulence, and Large-scale Structures in Rotating Magnetic Fluids: Above & Beyond Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Monday, September 10, 2018 to Friday, September 14, 2018


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This workshop is by invitation.

Description: Rotation plays a dominant role in a wide range of areas of astrophysical and geophysical fluid dynamics, from the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans, planetary atmospheres, and planetary interiors through solar, stellar, and galactic dynamics to astrophysical discs. Nevertheless, our knowledge and understanding of the phenomena of turbulence, waves, structures, and multiscale dynamics in magnetized rotating plasma remain rudimentary, and they have not received the attention they deserve in spite of many successful developments in geophysical fluid dynamics. Recently, the multidisciplinary approach in magnetohydrodynamics research has been increasing as well as the range of temporal and spatial scales on which astrophysical—namely solar phenomena—are observed by modern instrumentation and monitoring systems. This was discussed in the GTP 2016 workshop. There is a pressing need for new initiatives to further develop the foundations of our understanding of the multiscale phenomena of magnetized turbulence, waves, and large-scale dynamics in presence of rotation to deepen the analogies with geophysical fluid dynamics, find key differences, and advance new frontiers of research. The goal of this workshop is to bring together leading experts from the geophysical and astrophysical communities to discuss basic aspects of the physics of turbulence, instabilities, and waves in the context of rotating plasma, large-scale flows, predictability, and to foster novel developments both in astrophysical and geophysical fluid dynamics.

The workshop is sponsored by NSF and GTP.

Scientific Organizing Committee:


Arakel Petrosyan (IKI) Chair

Phil Armitage (CU Boulder/JILA)

Mausumi Dikpati (NCAR/HAO)

Scott McIntosh (NCAR/HAO)

Peter Sullivann (NCAR/MMM)

Joe Tribbia (NCAR/CGD)


Local Organizing Committee:


Mausumi Dikpati (NCAR/HAO)

Kris Marwitz (MMM)

Sheryl Shapiro (NCAR/HAO) 


Tentative list of confirmed participants:


Phil Armitage, CU Boulder

Jonathan Aurnou, UCLA

Steven Balbus, University of Oxford

Joseph Andrew Barranco, San Francisco State University

Mitch Begelman, JILA, University of Colorado

Paul Bellan, Caltech

Amitava Bhattacharjee, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

Luca Biferale, University of Rome

Eric Blackman, University of Rochester

Eberhard Bodenschatz, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, University of Gottingen

Guido Boffetta, University of Torino

Axel Brandenburg, CU Boulder (LASP, APS & JILA)

Ben Brown, CU Boulder

Nic Brummell, UC Santa Cruz

Oliver Bühler, New York University

Michael Calkins, CU Boulder

Paul Cally, Monash University, Australia

Paul Charbonneau, Université de Montréal

Herman Clercx, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands

Steven Cranmer, CU Boulder

Veronique Dehant, Royal Observatory of Belgium

Patrick Diamond, UC San Diego

Mausumi Dikpati, NCAR/HAO

Yuhong Fan, NCAR/HAO

Brian Farrell, Harvard University

Benjamin Favier, Aix-Marseille Université, France

Nick Featherstone, CU Boulder

Pascale Garaud, UC Santa Cruz

Sarah Gibson, NCAR/HAO

Andrew Gilbert, University of Exeter, UK

Laurent Gizon, Max Plank Institute for Solar System Research, University of Gottingen

Oliver Gressel, Niels Bohr International Academy, Denmark

Ian Grooms, CU Boulder

Jean-Luc Guermond, Texas A&M University

John Hawley, University of Virginia

Eyal Heifetz, Tel Aviv University

Tobias Heinemann, Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark

Keith Jullien, CU Boulder

Yohai Kaspi, Weizmann Institute of Science

Yoshifumi Kimura, Nagoya University

Hubert Klahr, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg

Kanya Kusano, Nagoya University

Daniel Lathrop, University of Maryland

Michael Le Bars, CNRS, Aix-Marseille Univ, IRPHE, Marseille, France

Daniel Lecoanet, Princeton University

Geoffroy Lesur, University of Grenoble

Yoram Lithwick, Northwestern Universtiy

Philip Marcus, UC Berkeley

Scott McIntosh, NCAR/HAO

Charles Meneveau, Johns Hopkins University

Mark Miesch, NCAR/HAO

Dhrubaditya Mitra, NORDITA

Ake Nordlund, Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark

Gordon Ogilvie, University of Cambridge

Peter Olson, Johns Hopkins University

Martin Pessah, Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark

Arakel Petrosyan, Space Research Institute, Russian Academy of Science

Annick Pouquet, CU Boulder

Ralf Pudritz, McMaster University

Eliot Quataert, UC Berkeley

Mark Rast, CU Boulder (LASP)

Peter Read, University of Oxford

Matthias Rempel, NCAR/HAO

Michel Rieutord, Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie

Rick Salmon, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD

Adam Showman, University of Arizona

Jake Simon, CU Boulder/SWRI

Joel Sommeria, LEGI/CNRS, Grenoble, France

Katepalli Sreenivasan, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Frank Stefani, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf

Glen Stewart, CU Boulder (LASP)

Peter Sullivan, NCAR/MMM

Andreas Tilgner, University of Göttingen

Steve Tobias, University of Leeds

Juri Toomre, CU Boulder (JILA & APS)

Joe Tribbia, NCAR/AMP

Orkan Umurhan, NASA Ames

Jeffrey Weiss, CU Boulder

Toby Wood, Newcastle University, UK

Teimuraz Zaqarashvili, Space Research Institute, Graz, Austria