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HAO's 75th Anniversary

HAO: Past, Present, and Future
A celebration of seventy-five years of solar science excellence

HAO 75th Celebration Speaker Videos
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HAO 75th Celebration Photo Gallery
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Greg Card presenting "Instrumentation from the Ground and Up"
Jack Gosling
Steve Tomczyk and others enjoying HAO People Posters
Shirley and Richard Hansen on "Mauna Loa"
Kim Malville and Greg Kopp
Bruce Lites, Tom Bogdan and Matthias Rempel
Gerald Thompson
Kevin Dalmasse, Larisza Krista, Alberto Sainz-Dalda and Paul Bryans
Ryan McGranaghan presents his TED talk called "Living with a Star"
Fran Bagenal talks with Michael Knoelker
Delores Knipp presents "Satellite Drag: Orbiting Human-made Projectiles"
Pat and Richard White
Matthias Rempel explains Sunspot Modeling
Michael and Kate Thompson
Scott McIntosh introduces Tom Bogdan (HAO History)
Terry Onsager and Stan Solomon
Sheryl Shapiro
Lew House and Mike McGrath
Joan Burkepile and Alice Lecinski
Conversation and food
Ricky Egeland and Greg Card
Lew House, Douglas Gough and Andy Skumanich
Marty Snow
Lesley Tarletoon Julian and Shirley Hansen
Michael Knoelker presents "Coronascope: Back to the Future"
Giuliana de Toma and Roberto Casini
Art Poland
Branden Larson, Phillip Slaymaker, Dennis Gallagher, Allen Steuben and Ben Berkey
Liying Qian
Alfred de Wijn
Scott McIntosh speaking
Alice Lecinski
Howard Singer
Terry Onsager presents "The Space Weather Mission: Research to Applications"
Larisza Krista
Bill Murtagh presents "The National Space Weather Strategy"
Panel Discussion: Building Capability
Richard Munro
Delores Knipp on "HAO's Contributions"
Michelle Cash
Congressman Ed Perlmutter, Space and Energy Sub-Committees and the New Democrat Coalition Energy Task Force Chair
Bill Mankin, Art Richmond, Greg Kopp, Jean and Keith Watson
Kathy Strand
Veda Emmett and Susan Chavez
Art Richmond on "Upper Atmosphere Research at HAO"
Vic Tisone and Karen Simmons
Valentin M. Pillet on "DKIST Status and Plans"
Kathy Strand, Susie and Ben Foster
Hanne Mauriello, Scott McIntosh and Michael Knoelker
Tom Woods
Bill Murtagh on "The National Space Weather Strategy"
Sue Lepri on "The Coming Renaissance of Inner Heliosphere Observations from Solar Orbiter and Solar Probe"
Bill Murtagh
Allen Stueben engineer from Mauna Loa Solar Observatory
Delightful Treats
Jean and Keith Watson
Tom Bogdan presents the early history of HAO
Dennis Gallagher and Ron Lull with HAO equipment
Serena Criscouli and Regner Tampedach
Joanne Graham and Connie Sawyer
Observing the Sun on CG1 patio
Brant Foote and Vic Tisone
Anna Malanushenko, Sarah Gibson and Joanne Graham
Amy Knack and Vic Tisone
Christine Guzy and Lorraine Hori
Tom Berger on the "History and Future of Space Weather Forecasting"
Nick Pedatella and Delores Knipp
Art Richmond and Dan Marsh
Joan Burkepile and Ian Hewins
Margarida Cunha, Pedro Pena Avelino and Matthias Rempel
Hanne Mauriello, Joanne Graham, Tammy Tomczyk and Veda Emmett
Deep Doo Doo
Paul Seagraves and Richard Hansen
Larisza Krista listens
Bob MacQueen shares "Some Personal Recollections"
Alfred de Wijn
Rebecca Centeno Elliott on "CSAC: Building Capability for Next Generation Observatories"
Steven Cranmer on "Solar Magnetism and Activity: Progress, Puzzles, and Prospects"
Ricky Egeland observing
Mausumi Dikpati
Bill Murtagh discusses the societal and economic impact of severe space weather
Steve Tomcyzk and Jack Harvey
Museum displays
Judd Johnson
Tom Woods on "Jack Eddy’s Study of the Maunder Minimum""
Doug Duncan on historical and future "Total Solar Eclipses"
Fran Bagenal presents "From Jupiter to Pluto"
Bruce Lites delivers distinguished scholar talk
Scott McIntosh and Bob MacQueen
Pete Nelson enjoys HAO's museum
Alexandra Tritschler and Michael Knoelker
Uno cerveza por favor
Richard and Shirley Hansen
Giuliana de Toma, Dick White and Liz Hoswell
Ricky Egeland and Vic Tisone
Marsha MacQueen, Mike McGrath and Bob MacQueen
Kinfe Teweldebirham
Delores Knipp
Kim Malville, Sabine Schaffner and Bob MacQueen
Pat White and Mary Skumanich
HAO organizing committee
Kim Malville, Peter Gilman and Ernie Hildner
Lorraine Hori, Judd Johnson, Leonard Sitongia and Christine Guzy
Tom Berger and Terry Onsager
Cherilynn Morrow and Tim Brown
Doug Duncan presents "The Great American Total Solar Eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017"
Doug Duncan
Paul Seagraves and Lorraine Hori
Kevin Trenberth on "Sun and Earth‘s Climate"
NCAR Director Jim Hurrell presents an overview
Four HAO Directors:

Scott McIntosh (current), Michael Thompson, Bob McQueen and Michael Knoelker

Juri Toomre on "Joys of Convection and Dynamos in Our Nearest Star"
Mark Miesch
Bob MacQueen on "Some Personal Recollections"
Ben Foster and Scott Sewell
Jim Hurrell introduces distinguished scholar Bruce Lites
Tom Bogdan and Andy Skumanich
Andy Watt, Qian Wu and Pete Nelson
Philip Judge
Bill Mankin and Dick White
Terry Onsager presents "The Space Weather Mission: Research to Applications"
Shirley Hansen
Valentin M. Pillet and Matthias Rempel
Kevin Trenberth presents "Sun and Earth's Climate"
Lara Waldrop on "Using Small Satellites to Answer Big Questions in Solar-Terrestrial Science"
Judd Johnson, Ron Lull, Alice Lecinski and David Elmore
Bruce Lites, Tom Bogdan and Matthias Rempel
Roberto Casini, Phil Judge and Ilia Roussev
Kim Nesnadny