MJT Conference Proceedings Info

The proceedings will be published by Springer as a volume in the series of Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings (https://www.springer.com/series/7395).

The details of the volume are: 

Editors: Mário J. P. F. G. Monteiro, Rafael A. García, Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, Scott McIntosh

Title: Dynamics of the Sun and Stars

Subtitle: Honoring the life and work of Michael J. Thompson


  • S1. The life and work of Michael J. Thompson
  • S2. Solar interior and dynamics
  • S3. From the Sun to the stars
  • S4. Stellar dynamics
  • S5. The future

Referees will include Editors, SOC members, and other experts. Only accepted manuscripts will be published.

To be published as a hard-cover book.

Specifications and submission:

The macros for preparing your contribution are available at http://www.astro.up.pt/~mjm/mjt_macros/ 

The page limits for contributions are:  

  • Special contributions: up to 6 pages
  • Invited talks: 12 pages
  • Oral contributions: 6 pages
  • Poster contributions: 2 pages

Deadline for submissions: is 15th of January 2020. 

Please note that the Proceedings must be ready by early 2020. This does not allow us to have extensions of the deadline for the initial submissions (we must go ahead with what is ready by then) to allow some time for the refereeing process to take place.

Submission: Please name your files as (add a number if you have more than one contribution as first author):


Sign the copyright form MJTConf_springer_copyright.pdf, and add it to the package as a PDF file: 


Please obtain all necessary authorizations to use material from other publishers (this is of particular relevance for figures published by MNRAS) and add those as PDF files:


Put all files in a folder and compress it into a single ZIP file named AuthorName_MJTConf.zip, to be sent to mario.monteiro@astro.up.pt by the deadline.