Scientific Program/Talks (SDF)

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Tuesday, June 9
8:15 AMBus departs from the Holiday Inn Express (arrival time 8:30)
9:00-9:10Welcome: Mark Miesch
9:10-9:55Keynote: David Hathaway, “Observational Constraints and New Frontiers for Solar Dynamos
 Session 1:  Solar Meridional Circulation and Differential Rotation: Observations
9:55-10:20Invited: Ruizhu Chen, “Comprehensive Measurement of Deep Solar Meridional Flow”
9:20-10:45Invited: Jason Jackiewicz, “Meridional Flows from GONG”
10:45-11:15Coffee Break and poster setup
11:15-11:40Invited: Martin Woodard, “Helioseismic detectability of Solar Meridional Flow”
11:40-12:00Contributed: Jesper Schou, “Results from Improved Analysis of MHD and HMI Global Mode Data”
12:00-1:15Lunch (NCAR Cafeteria, cash only)
 Session 1 (continued)
1:15-1:40Invited: Ariane Schad, “Helioseismic Measurement of Meridional Circulation and Differential Rotation from Mode Eigenfunction Perturbations”
1:40-2:00Contributed: Dean-Yi Chou, “Probing Magnetic Fields at the Base of the Solar Convection Zone with Meridional Flows”
2:00-2:45Open Discussion: Led by Rudi Komm, Markus Roth & Junwei Zhao
2:45-3:15Coffee Break and poster viewing
 Session 2:  Convection and Magnetism: Observations
3:15-3:40Invited: Shravan Hanasoge, “Seismic Constraints on Large-Scale Convection in the Sun
3:40-4:05Invited: Ben Greer, “Fast Convective Flows Throughout the Near-Surface Shear Layer”
4:05-4:25Contributed: Tom Duvall Jr., “Flows in the Convection Zone with Potential Relevance to the Dynamo
4:25-4:50Invited: Aimee Norton, “Joy’s Law: A Space-Age Update
4:50-5:10Contributed: Xudong Sun, “Polar Field Reversal and Surface Flux Transport of Cycle 24 Observed by SDO/HMI”
5:10-6:00Poster session
6:00-7:30Reception: NCAR Foothills Laboratory
7:30 PMShuttle departs to Hotels
Wednesday, June 10
8:30 AMBus departs from the Holiday Inn Express (arrival time 8:45)
 Session 3:  Modeling of Convection and Mean Flows
9:00-9:25Invited: Gustavo Guerrero, “Large-Scale Flows and Dynamo in Global Large-Eddy Simulations of the Sun and Solar-Like Stars
9:25-9:50Invited: Nicholas Featherstone, “Stratified Convection Driven by Internal Radiative Heating: Scaling Laws
9:50-10:10Contributed: Bradley Hindman, “Transport Properties of Stratified Convection in the High-Rayleigh Number Regime”
10:10-10:30Contributed: Nishant Singh, “Fanning out of the f-mode in Presence of Nonuniform Magnetic Fields and its Seismic Implications”
10:30-11:00Coffee Break and poster viewing
11:00-11:25Invited: Yuhong Fan, “Differential Rotation in Solar Convective Dynamo Simulations”
11:25-11:50Invited: Hideyuki Hotta, “Small- and Large-Scale Dynamo in the Solar Convection Zone
11:50-12:10Contributed: Nicholas Nelson, “Self-Organization and Solar-Like Differential Rotation Using a Plume Boundary Condition in Global Solar Convection Simulations
12:10-1:30Lunch (NCAR Cafeteria, cash only)
 Session 3 (continued)
1:30-2:15Open Discussion: Led by Mark Miesch & Mark Rast
 Session 4: Advances in Dynamo Modeling: Convective Dynamos
2:15-3:00Keynote: Axel Brandenburg, “Simulating and Understanding Large-Scale Dynamos
3:00-3:25Invited: Youhei Masada, “Organization of Coherent Magnetic Fields in Turbulent Thermal Convection”
3:25-3:55Coffee Break and poster viewing
3:55-4:20Invited: Jean-Francois Cossette, “Large-Scale Field Induction in Global MHD Simulations of Solar Convection
4:20-4:45Invited: Petri Käpylä, “Competing Dynamo Modes in Spherical Wedge Simulations of Turbulent Convection”
4:45-5:10Invited: Antoine Strugarek, “Benchmarking Convective Dynamos: Subgrid-Scale Modeling Effects
5:10-5:30Contributed: Jörn Warnecke, “Understanding Equatorward Migration of the Sun’s Magnetic Field”
5:30-6:15Open Discussion: Led by Matthias Rempel and Juri Toomre
6:45 PMShuttle departs to Hotels
Thursday, June 11
8:30 AMBus departs from the Holiday Inn Express (arrival time 8:45)
 Session 5:  Advances in Dynamo Modeling: Flux-Transport Dynamos and Flux Emergence
9:00-9:25Metcalf Award Lecture: Bidya Karak, “Flux Transport Dynamo Models: Fluctuations and Grand Minima”
9:25-9:50Invited: Andrés Münoz-Jaramillo, “Modeling Active Region Emergence in 3D Flux-Transport Solar Dynamos
9:50-10:10Contributed: Robert Cameron, “The Importance of Surface Magnetic Fields to the Solar Dynamo”
10:10-10:30Contributed: Gopal Hazra, “Is the Deep One-Cell Meridional Circulation Essential for the Flux-Transport Solar Dynamo?”
10:30-11:00Coffee Break and poster viewing
11:00-11:20Contributed: Alexander Kosovichev, “Dynamo Models with Double-Cell Meridional Circulation”
11:20-11:40Contributed: Alexandre Lemerle, “A 2DX2D Babcock-Leighton Dynamo Model
11:40-12:00Contributed: Maria Weber, “Magnetic Flux Tubes in the Turbulent Solar Interior: Linking Fibril Magnetic Fields with Active Regions”
12:00-1:15Lunch (NCAR Cafeteria, cash only)
 Session 5 (continued)
1:30-2:00Open Discussion: Led by Robert Cameron and Andres Munoz-Jaramillo
 Session 6: Data Assimilation in Dynamo Models
2:00-2:45Keynote: Alexandre Fournier, “Data Assimilation with 3D Models of the Earth’s Dynamo
2:45-3:10Invited: Olivier Talagrand, “A Few Basics about Data Assimilation: Principles and Methods”
3:10-3:35Invited: Laurene Jouve, “Variational Data Assimilation as a Tool to Better Understand Solar Magnetism
3:35-4:05Coffee Break and taking down posters
4:05-4:30Invited: C. Nick Arge, “Estimating the Global Solar Photospheric Magnetic Field Distribution using the ADAPT Model”
4:30-4:55Invited: Irina Kitiashvili, “Data Assimilation Approach for Prediction of Solar Activity Cycles”
4:55-5:15Contributed: Mei Zhang, “Helicity Observations as a Constraint on Solar Dynamo Models”
5:15-6:00Open Discussion: Led by Sacha Brun and Mausumi Dikpati
6:15 PMShuttle departs to Hotels
Friday, June 12
8:30 AMBus departs from the Holiday Inn Express (arrival time 8:45)
 Session 7:  The Solar-Stellar Connection
9:00-9:45Keynote: Moira Jardine, “Magnetic Activity of Intermediate and Low-Mass Stars
9:45-10:10Invited: William Chaplin, “Inferences on the Solar-Stellar Connection and Stellar Activity from Space-Based Photometry
10:10-10:35Invited: Tim Reinhold, “Rotation and Differential Rotation in the Kepler Era
10:35-10:55Coffee Break
10:55-11:20Invited: Kyle Augustson, “Superequipartition Convective Dynamos in Massive Stars”
11:20-11:40Contributed: Corrine Simard, “Non-Kinematic α2-Ω Mean-Field Dynamo Model”
11:40-12:45Lunch (NCAR Cafeteria, cash only)
 Session 7 (continued)
12:45-1:10Invited: Matthew Browning, “Magnetic Field Generation in Fully Convective Stars”
1:10-1:30Contributed: Patrice Beaudoin, “Double Dynamo Signatures in a Global MHD Simulation and Mean-Field Dynamos
1:30-1:50Contributed: Paul Bushby, “Convectively-Driven Dynamo Action in the Quiet Sun
1:50-2:10Coffee Break
2:10-2:50Open Discussion: Led by Ben Brown and Moira Jardine
 Session 8: Perspectives and Outlook
2:50-3:15Invited: Matthias Rempel, “The Future of Dynamo Modeling”
3:15-3:40Invited: Laurent Gizon, “Perspectives in Helioseismology”
3:40-4:20Open Discussion: Led by Paul Charbonneau and Jesper Schou
4:20 PMWorkshop Adjourns
4:30 PMShuttle departs to Hotels