Dr. Jenna Samra Presenting an EOL Seminar on June 16

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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Mark your calendars because are old friend Jenna Samra is presenting a seminar at EOL on June 16, 2–3 pm. Dr. Jenna Samra was a visitor to HAO in 2017. While visiting Jenna was part of a Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory team that flew AIR-Spec on the NSF/NCAR Gulfstream V research aircraft during the August 21 total solar eclipse. The solar eclipse provided a unique opportunity to test an instrument that she helped design and build, the airborne infrared spectrometer or AIR-Spec.

Title: High-Altitude Instrumentation for Infrared Observations of the Solar Corona
Abstract: High-altitude infrared remote sensing is a promising new method for measuring coronal plasma and magnetic fields. This talk presents recent results from Smithsonian’s Airborne Infrared Spectrometer (AIR-Spec) and outlines concepts for future airborne and balloon-based spectrometers and spectro-polarimeters. (Webcast.)

AIR-Spec is an imaging spectrometer that measures light over a 0.4 degree field of view in three spectral passbands between 1.4 and 3 microns. The instrument was commissioned during the 2017 total solar eclipse, when it observed five coronal emission lines from the NCAR Gulfstream V research jet. During the 2019 eclipse, significant instrument improvements enabled high-precision measurements higher in the corona. A third flight is planned for December 2020, and a new balloon-based instrument is being designed based on the results of the aircraft missions.

See HAO interview with Jenna conducted during her visit.