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Friday, June 5, 2020

Joanne says: Jordi is my miracle grandson. While his doctor says he is ready for a Safta visit (that’s me) – I have to know I’m not an asymptomatic disaster before I spend time with him. On Wednesday, after registering online, I drove to the Pepsi Center and had the COVID19 test. It was a super simple Q-tip swab that you do yourself. I promise you, there was no brain probing! Also, there are enough tests available that the Governor now is encouraging everyone to get tested! The test is free and there was no waiting at all. I left my house in Lafayette at 11:00 a.m. and was home at 12:15. I understanding there are other places to get the test and you can find those on the COVID19 Colorado site. Honestly, it felt good to go for a little drive.

You will receive a sheet about how to get your results. If you register with Labcorp you will see that you can also get an antibody test for free (OK, there is a $10 set up fee). The A-team and CSMT asked me to write about this. You might find it boring, but I’m sure you agree that Jordi sure is cute!

I Hope this helps if you are thinking about it. Wishing you all good health and visits with your loved ones soon.