CISM_DX Installation Instructions

Unless otherwise noted, all dependencies are distributed in the CISM_DX package. If you want to use your own versions of OpenDX and/or Octave, you must edit the startup scripts in /usr/local/CISM_DX.

Important Notes for CISM_DX 0.59

* CISM_DX_DATA-0.59 has been updated to include new data. If you have CISM_DX_DATA 0.50 or 0.57 installed you can download CISM_DX_DATA-Update-0.59.tgz, and then untar into /usr/local using the directions below.

CISM_DX 0.59 has renamed the following modules:

Old nameNew name

Networks written before CISM_DX 0.59 (December 2007) may not load properly, to automatically update your networks to run with CISM_DX 0.59 and greater, run:
/path/to/install/utils/bin/ /path/to/old/networks new

To revert your changes so networks will work with previous versions of CISM_DX, run:
/path/to/install/utils/bin/ /path/to/old/networks old

Where "/path/to/old/networks" is the directory containing your networks to be updated (directories will be recursively processed), and "/path/to/install" is the location of your CISM_DX 0.59 installation.

Installing Pre-Built Binaries

  • Linux; x86 (Need two packages: CISM_DX-0.59-linux.tgz and CISM_DX_DATA-Standard-0.59.tgz*)
    • For system installation, as root:
      cd /usr/local
      tar xzf /path/to/download/CISM_DX-0.59-linux.tgz
      tar xzf /path/to/download/CISM_DX_DATA-Standard-0.59.tgz
      ln -s CISM_DX-0.59-linux CISM_DX
    • For personal installation, as a user:
      cd /path/to/install
      tar xzf /path/to/download/CISM_DX-0.59-linux.tgz
      tar xzf /path/to/download/CISM_DX_DATA-Standard-0.59.tgz
      cd CISM_DX-0.59-linux
  • Install Instructions:
    • Mount the disk images and install the containing packages. Double click the installer bundle. You will need administrator privileges.
    • CISM_DX is installed in /usr/local. Use xterm when running CISM_DX scripts.
  • Windows (not quite a single click install, but we have tried this and it works fine. You should only notice significant slowdowns if you are doing highly graphics-intensive visualizations. This will allow you to run the GNU/Linux OS on top of Windows XP; some knowledge of Unix is required.)
  • Solaris
    • Installation on Solaris is possible, but we do not currently have a package maintainer. Much of the code in the source package listed below will compile using the Linux makefile, but a few need some work.

Compiling from Source

  • Download current distribution:
    • Everything you need to build the latest distribution of CISM_DX and its dependencies on a GNU/Linux system can be found in the tarball of most recent version: CISM_DX-0.59-source.tgz.
  • Build sources (From within the CISM_DX-0.59-source or CISM_DX-src directory)
    • You can disable building Octave, if you do not need it, with the following command:
      echo WITH_OCTAVE=no >>Makefile.machine.`uname -n`
    • Then unpack the supporting packages and compile everything:
      make unpack
      make all
  • You should now have a working build under CISM_DX. If you plan on deleting or moving the source directory you can make a CISM_DX tarball with the following command:
    make distrib
  • Make sure you have CISM_DX_DATA installed (see pre-built binary section above). If you plan on running CISM_DX from a location other than "/usr/local" you should also run the "cismdx_setup" script.