CG1 Conference Rooms in Google Calendar

HAO-Specific Conference Rooms in Google calendar:

  • HAO-Hinode Room CG1-3121
  • HAO-Coronal-Conf-CG1-3508
  • HAO-IG-CR-Rm-3729
  • HAO-Conf-2139-Captain-Mary


CG1 Conference Rooms for UCAR/NCAR use:

  • CG1-3150-Boardroom
  • CG1-3131
  • CG1-2126
  • CG1-2503
  • CG1-Cafeteria-Upper
  • CG1-Patio


Staff can add the conference rooms to their meetings by searching on the names above. All HAO Staff have read/write permissions to the HAO-Specific calendars, and can choose to display them in their own calendar view. If you do choose to display an HAO room calendar, please be aware when cancelling a meeting, that you are cancelling a personal meeting, and not a meeting for a conference room. For this reason, it is advised that you only display a meeting room in your calendar when needed, then immediately hide it from your calendar view. 

For additional information, see: UCAR/NCAR Google Meeting Support