Setting up ClamXav Antivirus for Mac OS X

Open an Assist ticket if you would like a CSMT member to configure ClamXAV for you. We are happy to do this, and can typically configure it in less than 5 minutes while you wait, as long as you schedule a time in advance via the Assist system. We would like all HAO Mac users to setup their ClamXav with the following settings:

A. Update your virus definitions
B. Turn on Clam's Sentry feature, which actively monitors your disks
C. Turn on Weekly virus Scanning at a time that works best for your schedule
D. Setup General Preferences

Close your laptop , take it if off the network, and notify the CSMT immediately if any of the following occurs:

  • ClamXAV scan finds infected file(s) (occasionally it will find a "false positive")
  • Your system is running consistently slow, with frequent hangs of 10 seconds plus, spinning beachballs, etc.
  • You cannot get on the network
  • Your web browsers display numerous ads, or your regular homepage redirects to a page you did not choose and are not familiar with.

Note: your windows may look slightly different depending on your version.


  1. Open ClamXAV, located in /Applications (can drag to your Dock)
  2. Update Definitions. Wait until finished - noted in status bar at bottom.
Update image


  1. To turn on Sentry, select Preferences
  2. Select the Sentry icon
  3. Click + to select your hard drive. You will see / under Folders Being Watched
  4. Select checkbox for "Launch ClamXav Sentry when you log in to this computer"
  5. Click OK
Sentry image


  1. To turn on Weekly malware scans, select Preferences, then the Scheduler icon
  2. Choose an Update day & time and Scan day & time that works for you. These processes can occupy CPUs, so schedule at a time when you may be away from your system.
Schedule Preferences image
  1. Click + to select your hard drive to scan on schedule.
  2. You should see your Macintosh HD at the top. If not, use arrows to navigate to it. Click Open button to choose it. A / will appear in your scan window to indicate you will be scanning everything under your root directory. Click OK to confirm this.
MacIntosh HD image
Schedule Preferences image


  1. Under Preferences, General, match your settings to the following:
    1. Audible alerts
    2. Scan e-mail
    3. Update virus definitions on launch
    4. Check for ClamXav updates on launch
    5. Click on Quarantine and setup a permanent folder.
  2. Click OK
General Preferences image