UCAR Guest Wireless Network

CISL implemented a simplified "UCAR Guests" wireless network that uses a password which will expire every Monday. Anyone with a UCAS account can log in to the protected web page to get the weekly guest wireless password. This password can be given to guests and conference attendees. The UCAR Guests wireless network will work for all visitor laptops and mobile devices. TIP - if a visitor is here for multiple weeks, they will need to delete/forget the "UCAR Guests" network on Monday morning, then re-join. They will then be prompted for the new week's password.

The following week's password will be provided the Friday prior. This is useful for those of you who are hosting visitors or a conference on Monday morning and wish to print conference materials containing the wifi password the Friday before.

Steps for guests to connect their laptop/gadget to UCAR Guest wireless:

  1. Obtain weekly password from a staff member (see below).
  2. Connect laptop to network titled, “UCAR Guests.”
  3. Input password when prompted. Password will expire every Monday.

To obtain the weekly password, anyone with a UCAS password can go to: https://guest.wireless.ucar.edu/—Click the “I Agree” button to view a page with the password.

Printable web page for users, includes iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) tips for renewing: http://www.ucar.edu/csac/wireless/UCAR-Guest-Wireless-Instructions-20120726.html

Instructions and User Responsibilities: http://www.ucar.edu/csac/wireless/guestaccess.html