VPN, or Virtual Private Network

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a method for connecting to a protected network. Not all users will need a VPN setup. Please consult with your sponsor (if applicable), and open an Assist ticket if you would like to request VPN access to HAO systems. When connected to VPN, one is essentially inside the UCAR firewall. You should then be able to "ssh" into our Linux machines and map to our printers that are *not* labeled as "guest" in the printer list.

Is is important that any computer or device connected to NCAR’s VPN have the latest patches and antivirus/antimalware programs. Users connecting to VPN may be asked to display proof of these updates to an HAO Systems Administrator.

Windows users- After opening an Assist ticket, one will be instructed on how to check out the Cisco VPN installer from a CSMT member. VPN installation instructions are located on the installation disk. Cisco VPN software may also be made available to offsite users via a protected download page.

Mac users- Send an email to Assist requesting the Apple VPN setup instructions.