Windows Backup Information

The following areas get backed up on Windows desktop workstations:

  • C:\Documents and Settings\*
  • If you peruse this directory, you'll see one or two directories with your username. Under those will be your My Documents, Desktop, etc. This space includes your Firefox bookmarks and Thunderbird address book.

What is *not* backed up are folders you've created on the "top level" of your C:drive. For instance, folders such as:

  • C:\MyAwesomeFolder

Other internal disks such as a D:drive, if you had one, are not backed up. Visitor Windows systems that are setup temporarily for guests are not backed up.

Laptops are not typically backed up since they are not consistently on the network. There are some exceptions for folks who leave their laptops here at night, and use them as their primary system.

If you have a laptop that you do not backup, or if you have directories on your system that you are not already backing up, please purchase an external USB disk for backups. The CSMT can help you purchase one, and can assist with the best method for backing up your files.

Additionally, if you have a lot of data that is not under Documents and Settings or on a network drive, feel free to contact the CSMT for suggestions on where that data could possibly be moved to be more secure (such as the I:Admin drive or your Linux /home directory).