Science Program (BSD)

Science talk titles are linked to abstracts.

Gang LuHAOIntroduction & Welcome0:108:30 AM
Chair: Rebecca Centeno   
Stan SolomonHAOA Report on Boulder Solar Irradiance Half-Day0:208:40 AM
Marty SnowLASPMagnesium II Index: thirty five years and counting0:209:00 AM
Charlie LindseyNWRAThe SDO/HMI Far-Side Seismic Solar Monitor0:209:20 AM
Rob RedmonNOAAMulti-Instrumental Vector Magnetic Observations and Techniques for Investigating Auroral Dynamics0:209:40 AM
Jed DillerSwRIThe SwRI Solar Intrument Pointing Platform0:2010:00 AM
Morning Break/Posters0:3010:20 AM
Chair: Charlie Lindsey   
Friedrich WoegerNSODKIST Instrument Systems & Interfaces-an Overview0:2010:50 AM
Stacey SueokaUniv. of ArizonaPolarimetric Capabilities of DKIST0:2011:10 AM
Joan BurkepileHAOThe COSMO K-Coronagraph0:2011:30 AM
Courtney Peck (student)LASPThe Role of the Solar Center-to-Limb Variation in Deduced Photometric Trends0:2011:50 AM
Juliette HarringtonAustralian Natl. Univ.A pattern of sea-level change across the Indo- Pacific0:2012:10 PM
LUNCH1:1012:30 PM
Chair: Joan Burkepile   
Tom BogdanNCARCantata for Six Lives and Continuo: Remembering Dimitri Mihalas (Dimitri Tribute Session)0:201:40 PM
Phil JudgeHAOHeasley and Mihalas 1976 and the poetic tragedy of radiative and magnetostatic equilibrium (Dimitri Tribute Session)0:202:00 PM
Tom AyresCASAThe Curious Case of the Solar Temperature Minimum (Dimitri Tribute Session)0:202:20 PM
Alina DoneaMonash Univ.Anomalous Seismic Motion in a Sunspot Umbra0:202:40 PM
Jesse Lord (student)LASPThe Role of Helium Ionization in Supergranular Convection0:203:00 PM
Joseph PlowmanHAOSingle-point Inversion of the Coronal Magnetic Field0:203:20 PM
Travis MetcalfeSpace Science InstituteProbing Solar Physics with Kepler0:203:40 PM
Chair: Rodney Viereck   
Keynote Talk:
Ernie Hildner
NOAA (ret.)Space Weather Efforts in Boulder: An Attempt at an Historical Overview1:004:00 PM
Reception/Posters (List of poster abstracts)1.005:00 PM
Adjourn   6:00 PM