HAO Colloquium - Wenxian Li, HAO

Atomic physics, astrophysics and the spectroscopy of plasmas

Spectroscopy is one of the most powerful scientific tools for studying universe and nature. It is dependent on, and therefore reveals, the inherent as well as the extrinsic properties of matter. Plasma spectroscopy is a wonderful field for collaborations. On astrophysics and space science aspect, many satellite missions covering all wavelength bands have been launched and are under development for spectroscopy research. The spectral data reveal a lot of information but the analysis require accurate and complete atomic data, e.g. theoretical data, laboratory data and models, for correct interpretation. On the other hand, universe as a natural light source, the abundant and complete spectroscopy help to examine, validate and guide the atomic computation method and models. The speaker will present several examples on what kind of atomic data the atomic scientists can provide and how the astrophysical spectroscopy help to examine the atomic phenomena.\


Date and time: 
Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm