HAO Colloquium Series presents Roberto Casini, HAO

Tools for solar magnetism diagnostics: The bridge from theory to instrumentation.

Solar magnetism and its short-term variability are the cause of space weather, and important drivers of magnetospheric events that can affect the Earth environment. The understanding of solar magnetism is thus paramount for any predictive capability of Earth-impacting solar events. Measurements of the solar magnetic field represent the fundamental stepping stones for this endeavour.

As we cannot (yet) probe directly the Sun's magnetic field by means of in-situ measurements, solar physicists must rely heavily on the remote sensing of the solar atmosphere's physical properties. This is done through the detection and analysis of the electromagnetic radiation that we constantly receive from our Sun. In particular, the polarization state of the solar radiation spectrum carries the signature of symmetry breaking processes that occur in the solar atmosphere, such as the interaction of the ambient magnetic (and electric) fields with the emitting gas, and the excitation of the latter by anisotropic radiation and colliding particles. The science behind these measurements is Spectro-Polarimetry. It spans from the fundamental description of the interaction of radiation with matter based on quantum electrodynamics, through the theoretical and numerical modeling of the transport of radiation in magnetized plasmas, to the conception and realization of observational experiments and of the necessary instrumentation. I will try to give a glimpse of this multi-faceted effort in this talk..

Date and time: 
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm
1210 So. Auditorium
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