HAO Colloquium - Alberto Sainz Dalda, BAERI

Recovering thermodynamics in the chromosphere from IRIS Mg II h&k lines with IRIS2

IRIS has observed the chromosphere and high photosphere with the optically thick Mg II h&k lines since July 2013. In this talk we present IRIS2 (IRIS-squared), an inversion code based on the inversion of representative profiles with STiC code. The latter considers non-LTE, 1.5D geometry, and partial frequency redistribution, and it is the best available method to recover thermodynamics variables from these spectral lines. We will show the conceptual foundations and limitations of IRIS2. We will explain the different elements of the IRIS2 framework: the representative profiles, the representative model atmospheres, and the representative response functions. Thus, these elements are the largest database of chromospheric thermodynamics models. We will also show how to invert IRIS Mg II h&k data with IRIS2, and how to interpret their results and uncertainties. Although this code has been specifically designed for IRIS Mg II h&k lines, itsĀ  concepts can be apply to other spectro(polatimetric) data that may require large computational resources.

Date and time: 
Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 11:00am to 12:00pm