HAO Colloquium - Computational Modeling for 3D Data Reconstruction of Solar Coronal Magnetic Fields

Speaker: Nathaniel Mathews, CU Boulder

The solar corona supports a variety of magnetic structures that constitute major drivers of space weather. Such a rope of magnetic field can twist and break to launch the plasma locked inside it in a Coronal Mass Ejection. The analysis and prediction of events of this nature is a major goal of the heliophysics community, and reconstructing the current state of the coronal magnetic field is a central component.   

Determining the shape and structure of the magnetic fields arcing through the solar corona is a form of nonlinear inverse problem. The goal of this work is to provide a solid foundation for the construction of coronal inversion frameworks. First, a full working version of such a framework is presented, using existing forms of all three components. For a variety of reasons, the parameterized forward model is deemed the component of this full inverse model most needing improvement. Subsequent work lays out a brand new methodology for computation of the forward model. This new forward model is then inspected for its ability to be implemented in an improved inversion framework. The result is a construction that addresses many of the traditional issues around coronal field modeling.

Date and time: 
Wednesday, January 26, 2022 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm