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Punta Leona, Costa Rica

The advances in both solar, planetary, and extra-solar science employing polarimetric diagnostics are far-reaching, and the pace of discovery is accelerating rapidly. IAU Symposium 305, convened in Punta Leona, Costa Rica between November 30–December 5, 2014. It was structured to facilitate communication between the solar and nighttime communities that, to date, work mostly independently. It's main objective was to share common underlying physics that controls not only the observed phenomena, but also the generation of the polarized radiation.

Goals of the Symposium were to:

  1. Facilitate discourse between solar and nighttime polarimetry communities: In addition to scientific advances, participants will learn about ongoing developments in polarimetric instrumentation, observational techniques, methods of data analysis and interpretation, and numerical modeling. Each session in the program will have a mix of solar and extra-solar contributions. Furthermore, each day will have sessions on both science results and techniques.
  2. Stimulate research and education in astronomical sciences in Central and Latin America: This IAU Symposium will be the first such Symposium to be held in Central America. The organizers encourage participation by students and young researchers from Central and Latin America. To this end, the first day of the Symposium (30 November 2014) will be devoted to introductory tutorials on fundamental aspects of astronomical polarimetry.
  3. Showcase recent scientific advances inspired by astronomical polarimetry: Remarkable advances have been made in recent years with the aid of astronomical polarimetry. The Symposium will showcase these advances, and focus on future developments.

Scientific Organizing Committee: F. Frutos Alfaro (co-chair), E. Alecian, S. Bagnulo, S. Berdyugina, G. Cauzzi, R. Centeno, M. Faurobert, K. Ichimoto, Bruce Lites (co-chair), A. M. Magalhaes, M. Martinez Gonzalez, M. Mishchenko, K. N. Nagendra, R. Stencel, J. Trujillo Bueno (co-chair), J. Wang
Local Organizing Committee:
F. Frutos Alfaro (co-chair), H. Gutierrez, W. Hawkins, L Herrera, B. Lites (co-chair), T. Rivas, L. Taliashvili (co-chair)

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