MLSO Special Observation Request

For example: 'WHI Streamer Study', 'CME Shock Compression'
Requester's Contact Info
The name of the primary requester.
Name of the primary requester's institution or organization.
URL for a web page containing info about the intended use of these observations (optional).
Dates and Times of Desired Observations

If the desired observations are for one day only, fill out the 'begin date of observation' field and leave end date blank. If a specific time range is necessary, fill out the 'start time' and 'duration' boxes or note special time instructions. Otherwise select 'any time during MLSO observing window' and 'duration'.

The date of the requested observation or the first date of a range of days.
The end date of a range of days.
UT time for beginning of observation.
If the exact start time is not important, select this box and note the 'Duration' below. The MLSO observers will fit the campaign into their observing schedule for that day.
Enter the desired duration of the observation (for each day, not total).
If the desired schedule for observations cannot be described by the above choices (such as needing different time blocks on different days), describe your needs here.
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