HAO Publications Process

Publication Worksheet Forms: Word .doc Adobe .pdf

Phase 1:

Paper Review/Approval Procedure:

      • First HAO author, regardless of the HAO author's position in the list of authors, completes "Publications Worksheet."
      • Author fills out the HAO Account Key to be charged by the publisher for the page charges once the paper is accepted and published.
      • Author has an HAO peer review the paper and sign the worksheet.


Phase 2:

      • Author submits the peer-signed worksheet and an electronic pdf file of the most current (edits from the peer reviewer included) manuscript to Sheryl Shapiro (sheryls@ucar.edu) for the Director's approval and signature. 
      • Sheryl will scan a copy of the signed worksheet for her files and return the approved worksheet to the author.
      • Author submits the paper to the publishing entity.


Upon Acceptance of Manuscript:

      • Email a pdf file of the editor-accepted manuscript to Sheryl in order to fulfill HAO's responsibility to UCAR's OpenSky.
      • All page charge forms and emails should be sent to Sheryl Shapiro.
      • Sheryl will pay all charges with her credit card using the HAO account listed on the publication worksheet.