CISM_DX is a community-developed suite of integrated data, models, and data and model explorers, for research and education. The data and model explorers are based on code written for OpenDX and Octave.

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CISM_DX leverages and integrates many existing software packages. To use it, some study knowledge of OpenDX and/or Octave is involved. However, there are many things you can do without having to be familiar with Octave or OpenDX.

List of lead developers and contributors.

Installation Instructions

Latest release: CISM_DX-0.59 [

  • GNU/Linux (should work on most distros)
  • Mac OS X >= 10.3
  • WinXP (using VMWarePlayer and LiveCD)

ChangeLog] on 12/20/2007 for:

Getting Started

If you are a new user, browse the link above to demos, screenshots and labs in the CISM_DX code base. Find a demo that you want to build on, run the code, and integrate your data into the demos.


  • CXFORM (c library for space physics coordinate transforms)
  • Octave (Matrix analysis with syntax mostly compatible with Matlab)
  • SPDX (Space Physics Data Explorer - modules for OpenDX).