HAO Research Highlights

Plot showing Spectra of the limb photosphere during the 21st August 2017 eclipse
March 29, 2019

We present spectra and broad-band polarized light data from a suite of instruments deployed during the 21st August 2017 total solar eclipse. Our goals were to survey solar spectra at thermal infrared wavelengths during eclipse, and to test new technology for measuring polarized coronal light.

Graph depicting Coronal Wind Mass-Loss Rate
March 7, 2019

We derive an explicit expression for the coronal wind mass-loss rate. This result is based on a currently used generalized torque formula (per unit rotational velocity) expressed as a product of known monomials, separately for the magnetic field and the mass-loss rate.

Multiple scatter plots of Geomagnetic storms
March 6, 2019

To address challenges of assessing capabilities of space weather modeling, the CCMC (Community Coordinated Modeling Center) is leading a newly established “International Forum for Space Weather Modeling Capabilities Assessment.”

Graph depicting the transformation of the PCA basis through a series of carefully chosen rotations
February 25, 2019

We investigate the application of 2-dimensional Principal Component Analysis (2D PCA) to the problem of removal of polarization fringes from spectro-polarimetric data sets.

Graph depicting monthly averaged atomic oxygen profiles
February 25, 2019

Nitric oxide (NO) has long been recognized as one of the most important trace constituents in the middle and upper atmosphere.