Collaborating with Fudan University

HAO Senior Scientist Philip Judge spent three weeks at China's Fudan University in October 2015. As an official Visiting Researcher, Philip worked with his host Roger Hutton, and recent graduate Wenxian Li, on magnetically sensitive emission lines formed in the solar corona. Professor Hutton is Director of the Shanghai EBIT Laboratory, and a faculty member in the Institute of Modern Physics at Fudan, in Shanghai.

X7 flare by SDO on Aug. 9, 2011 image
X7 flare by SDO on Aug. 9, 2011 (90 min sequence)

Philip presented a short six lecture course on plasma spectroscopy, for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. Philip also presented a departmental talk on "The best ever spectroscopic and polarimetric observations of a solar flare", reporting on new spectropolarimetric results from the solar flare of 29 March 2014. Fudan University funded this visit. We look forward to more fruitful collaborations in the future

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