Atomic structure calculations of Land ́e g factors of astrophysical interest with direct applications for solar coronal magnetometry

Thursday, May 6, 2021

We perform a detailed theoretical study of the atomic structure of ions with ns2npm ground configurations and focus on departures from LS coupling which directly affect the Land ́e g factors of magnetic dipole lines between levels of the ground terms. Particular emphasis is given to astrophysically abundant ions formed in the solar corona (those with n = 2, 3) with M1 transitions spanning a broad range of wavelengths. Departures from LS coupling can lead to first order polarization signatures needed to diagnose properties of the weak magnetic field in the corona. We emphasize an explanation of the dynamics of atomic structure effects for non-specialists.

Graphic image of non-relativistic Land ́e g factor
Non-relativistic Land ́e g factor g(LS) for all LS terms (up to L = 10, S = 10) that couple into the total angular momentum J = 2. The grey area gathers all “forbidden” L and S values, i.e., if J > L+S or J < |L−S|.
Publication Name: ApJ
HAO Author: Philip Judge
Authors as listed in article: Sacha Schiffman, Tomas Brage, Philip Judge, Alin Paraschiv, Kai Wang