On single-point inversions of magnetic dipole lines in the corona

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Prompted by a recent paper by Dima and Schad, we re-consider the problem of inferring magnetic properties of the corona using polarimetric observations of magnetic dipole (M1) lines. Dima and Schad point to a potential source of degeneracy in a formalism developed by Plowman, which under some circumstances can lead to the solution being under-determined. Here we clarify the nature of the problem. Its resolution lies in solving for the scattering geometry using the elongation of the observed region of the corona. We discuss some conceptual problems that arise when casting the problem for inversion in the observer's reference frame, and satisfactorily resolve difficulties identified by Plowman, Dima and Schad.

Graphic image showing scattering geometry
The scattering geometry of point $P$ is shown in the observer's frame with projections of the magnetic field components in this frame.

Publication: ApJ
First HAO Author: Philip Judge
Authors as they are listed in article: Philip Judge, Roberto Casini, Alin Paraschiv