The Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model with thermosphere and ionosphere extension (WACCM-X) is a comprehensive numerical model, spanning the range of altitude from the Earth’s surface to the upper thermosphere.

WACCM-X teleconnection image
Teleconnection pattern derived from WACCM-X simulations demonstrates the coupling of the whole atmosphere, from the ground to the upper thermosphere. The figure shows the correlation coefficients between zonal mean temperature with winter polar temperature at 10hPa for (a) December-February and (b) June-August periods. Solid contour lines are for positive correction (contour interval: 0.1). Shaded: Statistically significant at 95% level (Liu, 2014)

The scientific goals of the model include studying solar impacts on the Earth atmosphere, couplings between atmosphere layers through chemical, physical and dynamical processes, and the implications of the coupling for the climate and for the near space environment. The development of the model is inter-divisional collaboration that unifies certain aspects of the upper atmospheric modeling of HAO, the middle atmosphere modeling of ACD, and the tropospheric modeling of CGD, using the NCAR Community Earth System Model (CESM) as a common numerical framework.

The CESM Whole Atmosphere Working Group webpage can be found at Announcements and support for running WACCM can be found on the DiscussCESM WACCM forum.

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