The Eclipse Megamovie Project

Monday, December 3, 2012

A team, of HAO scientists and other collaborators that included Joan Burkepile, Scott McIntosh, Paul Cally, and Lucia Kleint, met in Palm Cove, Queensland to witness the first total solar eclipse over Australia since 4 December 2002. Witnessing a total solar eclipse is an amazing and life changing experience that motivates many to travel far and wide. People from all over the world collect in one location to watch this natural phenomenon.

Eclipse Viewing Palm Cove, Queensland
Eclipse viewing beach at Palm Cove, Queensland
Eclipse Team Palm Cove, Queensland
Eclipse team at Palm Cove, Queensland. Bottom row L to R: Joan Burkepile, Scott McIntosh, Paul Cally, and Lucia Kleint.

This same team was inspired to create "The Eclipse Megamovie Project." The idea is to bring people together to share images and experiences around total solar eclipses and other astronomical events. The upcoming 2017 Eclipse, which will span the United States from Oregon to South Carolina, will provide futher opportunity to collect quality, high resolution images from the general public to create an "Eclipse Megamovie." The challenge for the Eclipse team will be to combine different types of media, uploaded by the general public, into one cohesive final eclipse film.

If you are interested in the November, 2012 eclipse, you can visit The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) guide to the November 14 eclipse. (image upload page)


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