HAO Solar-Stellar Workshop

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dr. Philip Judge, convened the HAO Solar-Stellar Workshop on March 19-20 at the High Altitude Observatory of NCAR in Boulder.

Graphic of  calcium S index data
Four decades of variations in just one star as observed in the calcium S index, in the Mt. Wilson and Lowell Observatory databases.  In comparison the Sun  varies more regularly, on 11-year time scales.  In the meeting we discussed the need to fill-in such data with unpublished data from Mt. Wilson Observatory. From a presentation by J. Hall.

The meeting brought university and other researchers together to begin pooling resources to combine data from different instruments. We discussed  theoretical dynamo models,  and assessed calcium data from the Mt. Wilson epoch, the Lowell SSS instrument, the Southern hemisphere SMARTS survey and data from automated photometric telescopes at Fairborn Observatory, the Kepler satellite, and other relevant solar data sets. The overriding science goal was to improve understanding of stellar dynamos, focusing on the Sun in particular.

List of Workshop Materials: