Mausumi Dikpati Receives 2017 Wenner-Gren guest professorship award

Friday, December 16, 2016

Mausumi Dikpati of HAO has won a 2017 Wenner-Gren guest professorship award of Stockholm. This prestigious award is given annually to 6–8 scientists worldwide from all areas of science. About 30–50 scientists get nominated each year.

Mausumi Dikpati image
Mausumi Dikpati

The Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, or NORDITA, nominated Dr. Dikpati for her dedicated and committed collaboration with them, specifically with Prof. Mitra, and NCAR’s Computational and Information Systems Lab, or CISL, emphasized her outstanding research efforts on developing Solar-Data Assimilation. Winning this award will intensify this multi-organizational collaboration further.