Nicholas Pedatella, Distinguished Young Scientist

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Nicholas Pedatella of the High Altitude Observatory is the recipient of the SCOSTEP Distinguished Young Scientist Award for 2016. The award is for his work on atmospheric variability and data assimilation and ground-breaking contributions to our understanding of the influence of lower atmospheric waves on the spatial and temporal variability of the mesosphere, ionosphere, and thermosphere.

Nicholas Pedalla image
Dr. Nicholas Pedatella

Dr. Pedatella’s in-depth study using GPS TEC observations as well as simulations including solar and lunar tides, have established the mechanisms that are involved in coupling the sudden stratospheric warming (SSW phenomenon to ionospheric variability. He has also identified the ENSO phenomenon as a possible tropospheric source of ionospheric variability. His large number of refereed publications (35) with 27 as first author, high citations (h-index of 14) and 6 invited talks in major international conferences, point to the significant impact that his work has already had in the field. He is the team leader for an ongoing International Space Science Institute International study on ground-to-space understanding of SSWs.

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