Delores Knipp and Jiajia Liu Awarded Prestigious Medals during the European Space Weather Week

Friday, November 22, 2019

Every year during the European Space Weather Week (ESWW), three international medals are given in the field of space weather. The Kristian Birkeland Medal, the Baron Marcel Nicolet Medal and the Alexander Chizhevsky Medal.

Photographic image showing group awarded medals during ESWW
left to right: Ronald Van der Linden, Jiajia Liu (Chizhevsky Medal winner), Jean-Marie Frère (Belgian Royal Academy of Sciences), Vladimir Kalegaev (Russian Academy of Sciences), Delores Knipp (Nicolet medal winner), Zhang Chi (Chargé d'affaires of the Chinese embassy in Belgium), Pål Brekke (Norwegian Academy of Sciences), Madelyn Smith (Economic Officer of the United States embassy in Belgium), Bruce Tsurutani (Birkeland Medal winner), Stefaan Poedts, Jean Lilensten

This year, the medals were given respectively to Bruce Tsurutani, Delores Knipp and Jiajia Liu. All the details on the medals and on the winners may be found at