WHPI support of the PSP 4th Perihelion

Thursday, January 16, 2020

During the upcoming 4th Parker Solar Probe (PSP) perihelion on January 29 2020, the Earth and many space observatories will be near-radially aligned with PSP and STEREO-A will be near quadrature (at a right angle to the Sun-Earth line). This is an opportunity for coordinated, targeted observations and modeling.

Graphic image of WHPI logo

The Whole Heliosphere and Planetary Interactions (WHPI) initiative is an international effort focused around the solar minimum period that aims to understand the interconnected sun-heliospheric-planetary system. The simpler magnetic configuration and infrequency of Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) makes solar minimum an ideal time to follow how the solar magnetic and radiative output propagates through the heliosphere and affects the Earth and planets' atmospheres and magnetospheres. The role of WHPI is to facilitate and encourage interdisciplinary activities through a series of coordinated observing campaigns and dedicated workshops where observers and modelers get together to discuss, compare, and combine research results.

WHPI will be supporting the PSP 4th Perihelion by providing information about supporting observatories and publishing the output of models as targets for these observations.

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