Introducing a Book— The Sun: A Very Short Introduction

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Philip Judge is a senior researcher in physics at the High Altitude Observatory. Education and outreach has been a major focus and passion during his scientific career. He has influenced and encouraged many young scientists to pursue careers in solar physics.

Phil has been fortunate to visit many universities and observatories worldwide in his outreach efforts, enjoying the privilege of helping students and young scientists at the beginning of their careers. (see Jenna Samra article.) During extended visits to the Universities of Oslo, Monash, Montana, Fudan (China) (see article), the National Solar Observatory of Japan, Phil has shared his experiences gained at HAO with generous professors and their groups, gaining much more than he has shared in the process. Phil spent a sabbatical year (2013/2014) at Montana State University (see article,) Bozeman, MT teaching solar physics.

Now Phil is happy to share that during a two year effort he has produced an educational book explaining how the Sun works including its physics, structure, origins, and future evolution. Phil hopes his newly published book, The Sun: A Very Short Introduction, will make a helpful contribution to outreach and education.

Published by Oxford University Press 2020— in the USA it will begin shipping 1 Jun 2020.