Great Grandson of Walter & Annie Maunder Thanks HAO

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for the recent bio pages for Walter and Annie S D Maunder presented on the UCAR NCAR website. In particular, I’m pleased to see the Elliot and Fry studio portrait being used for Annie. For so long there were no good images of her in the public domain, and so I have been very pleased to get this one out there for all to see. I am a great grandson of Walter Maunder, and live over here in the USA in North Carolina. From the snapshots below you will see that I’m lucky enough to still have a few of their possessions (Walter’s New testament, and Annie’s birthday book).

Annie Maunder's birthday book and her formal portrait displayed together
Annie Maunder's birthday book and her formal portrait
Walter Maunder’s New testament and his bearded-formal portrait displayed together
Walter Maunder’s New testament with his formal portrait

Perhaps if my wife and I are ever able to make it out to Boulder, we may be able to visit and see the famous butterfly diagram?

Andrew L Maunder

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