Lipi Mukherjee

Lipi Mukherjee is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the High Altitude Observatory, of the National Center for Atmospheric Research. She is working on the development of spectral line inversion tools based on machine learning techniques to interpret spectropolarimetric observations of the solar chromosphere. The interpretation of the polarized spectrum of the Sun’s chromosphere is an area of research still under development. The traditional spectral line inversion problem maps the Stokes spectra to the solar atmosphere by calling the radiative transfer models iteratively in order to minimize the difference between measurements and model prediction. This can be computationally expensive. The quick look inversion scheme based on machine learning techniques will be trained rigorously using a large sample of data derived from radiative transfer code and will expedite the retrieval process significantly.

Lipi Mukherjee with water and cliff in the background
Lipi Mukherjee, visiting PostDoc
Visiting PostDoc