NCAR High Altitude Observatory

Sunrise Gondola Landing

The Sunrise Gondola, with all essential equipment intact, landed on June 17, 2013 after being aloft for about five days. The Gondola was recovered by helicopter from the Boothia Peninsula; a very remote area in Nunavut’s northern Canadian Arctic.

MHD Simulation of Flux Tube

A simulation with the FSAM code of the buoyant rise of an initially untwisted, uniformly buoyant toroidal flux tube.

HAO Astrophysicist, Philip Judge Captures Operatic Dreams

Phil performing as the Duke of Verona

Phil is a Senior Scientist in the High Altitude Observatory (HAO) at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). His research interests include plasma physics, spectroscopy and spectro-polarimetry.

HAO Colloquium Series presents Mary Hudson, Dartmouth College

Photograph of Mary Hudson

Modeling the radiation belt electron response to CME-driven storms: the first 9 months of the Van Allen Probes

Recent geomagnetic storms at solar maximum have produced dynamic variations in outer zone radiation belt electron flux measured in detail by the Van Allen Probe twin spacecraft,

HAO Colloquium Series presents Charlie Lindsey, NwRA

The Relationship Between Helioseismic Emission and the Structure of Granulation

The Eclipse Megamovie Project

Eclipse team in Palm Cove, Queensland

A team, of HAO scientists and other collaborators that included Joan Burkepile, Scott McIntosh, Paul Cally, and Lucia Kleint, met in Palm Cove, Queensland to witness the first total solar eclipse over Australia since 4 December 2002.


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