University Partnership

HAO Colloquium Series Presents Harlan Spence, University of New Hampshire

The Saga of Sun-to-Atmosphere: Results from the NSF Frontiers of Earth System Dynamics “Sun-to-Ice” Project, NSF FIREBIRD, and NASA's Van Allen Probes Mission

HAO Solar-Stellar Workshop

Graphic of calcium S index data

Dr. Philip Judge, convened the HAO Solar-Stellar Workshop on March 19-20 at the High Altitude Observatory of NCAR in Boulder.

An Innovative Method to Characterize the Solar Cycle

Liang Zhao—University of Michigan scientist and recent HAO/LSV postdoc—has authored an Astrophysical Journal paper with co-authors Enrico Landi (University of Michigan) and Sarah Gibson (HAO/LSV).

The Birth of New Ideas and a Future Scientist

A very important aspect of HAO’s science is the HAO Visitor Program. Recently, HAO was fortunate to host a five-month visit by visiting scientists Drs. Jiuhou Lei and Xiaoli Luan from the School of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China.


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