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Data Calendar now shows solar events

The MLSO Data calendar is now color-coded to show days on which CME's were observed by one or more MLSO instruments. When a day on which any event was observed is clicked, the resulting data summary page will show a list of those events with details about each. Also, the calendar display has been altered to make it easier to read for those with color-blindness. We hope you enjoy the new features!

The MLSO Website has a new Gallery Page!

The Mauna Loa Solar Observatory website has a newly revamped Gallery Page to highlight interesting solar events caught by MLSO instrumentation. Each new entry will include a downloadable animated GIF file suitable for insertion into presentation slides!

MLSO Special Observing Campaigns

HAO encourages special observation requests to maximize scientific discovery for the solar and heliospheric community. Visit MLSO's new Special Observing Campaign page to learn more about past observations and how to apply for instrument time for your own scientific needs.

Special MLSO Observing Campaigns

New MLSO Website

The MLSO web pages have now officially been moved into the HAO web tree. The navigation is a bit different and is now contained in the sidebar. We hope you can find everything you need. If not, please let us know!

Look for new features in the coming months, including information on special observing campaigns using the instruments at MLSO.

Mk4-STEREO-LASCO Composites

HAO / MLSO is now providing daily composite images of the solar corona as seen from 3 viewing angles: STEREO B, Earth-Sun, and STEREO-A. The STEREO A/B composites consist of SECCHI images from: EUVI (inner corona seen against the solar disk), the MLSO MK4 K-Coronameter (blue), the COR1 Coronagraph (green) and the COR2 Coronagraph (in red). The SOHO/MK4 composite combines EIT (solar disk), MK4 (blue) and LASCO C2 (red). MK4 images are NOT rotated to match the STEREO viewing angles.

Full Res Mk4 Images & Movies Available

The home page of this MLSO website now features full-resolution GIF images and movies for the Mk4 instrument. Clicking on the thumbnail images for this instrument will now give you higher resolution GIF images of the latest data.

New MLSO Website Now Online

The new website in now online! Please let us know what you think. If you are having trouble, please be sure to mention the browser type/version and platform you are using. We are working on repairing known issues with the site and hope to squash the bugs soon. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated!

Funding Approved for New Coronagraph

NCAR/ESSL has approved funding for a new coronagraph to replace the aging Mk4 instrument. Keep track of this exciting development on our New Coronagraph page. The Mk4 is still offline while a new camera is being installed and tested. Thank you for your patience.

PICS Narrow-band Limb Images

The PICS instrument is now serving images of the limb taken with a narrow-band H-alpha filter. The new data replaces the broad-band images in the MLSO data portal, and its first date of appearance was May 5th, 2009. The animation to the left shows narrow-band limb images of prominence activity occurring at approximately 21:08 UT on May 8th, 2009.


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