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Here you can find some general information about the following topics:

Spectral line inversions

Magnetic field disambiguation

CSAC Magnetic Field Disambiguation

The vector magnetic field inferred from measurements of Zeeman induced polarization in spectral lines suffers from and inherent 180 degr

CSAC Spectral Line Inversions

CSAC hosts a number of spectral line inversion codes that use different forward modeling assumptions and different inversion strategies.

CSAC Instruments

CSAC Acknowledgements

It is important to us that you acknowledge the source of the data that you use in your scientific publications.

HAO Colloquium Series presents Piyali Chatterjee, HAO

Occurrences of fast and possibly cannibalistic coronal mass ejections: insights from flux rope simulations

Boulder Solar Alliance Lunches

There are multiple "solar"-oriented lunches organized around Boulder.


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