UProcure Authorization Flow

Shopping:  Anybody in HAO can be a shopper.  After shopping must assign a Requisitioner:

 NOTE:  Any purchases that involve computing including periferals, cables, keyboards, mice, etc. must come through CSMT by sending an email to assist@hao.ucar.edu.  Group lead will assign to Graves or Lull for shopping and requisitioning.  Once a purchase is requisitioned in UProcure for computing-related items it is assumed that it has been approved through assist and approved by CSMT Group lead (Kim).


Rob Graves:  For all IG purchases and many computing purchased assigned by Kim.

Ron Lull:  For computing purchases -- only as assigned by Kim.

Sheryl:  Office Supplies, publications and other as assigned Joanne, Amy or Kim.  May purchase anything on 121130.

Wendy:  Office supplies and anything on 121130.  Maybe used as backup.

Amy:  All subawards come through Amy.

Joanne and Amy:  When needed (last resort).


All HAO Keys:  Rob up to 5K for items he has requisitioned.

121001 - Kim may approve, but has delegated to Amy unless specified. Kim has 10K approval

All other HAO Keys  - Amy up to 25K (approves on 121001 after 10K threshold)

All HAO keys on purchases over 25K - Joanne (also backs up Amy when out).

All HAO keys as backup to Joanne - Scott McIntosh.

128301 - Joan may approve, but has delegated to Amy unless specified. Joane has 10K approval



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