SWG3: The Bz Challenge


To overcome roadblocks in the path to full capability for predicting Bz and other solar-wind properties at the Earth


  • Predict strength and direction of IMF, solar wind velocity and density, and transient arrival time at L1
  • Characterize evolution and quantify properties of transients (CMEs/CIRs) propagating through the solar wind
  • Quantify velocity, magnetic field and plasma properties of dynamic coronal structures
  • Quantify global coronal magnetic field and predict likelihood of eruptions and/or sector structure affecting the Earth
  • Determine accuracy and characteristics of solar wind and IMF needed for useful prediction at Earth, and implications back down the chain to the Sun.

Research Highlight

Observations of a pseudostreamer

Observations of a pseudostreamer with a magnetic null and non-radial magnetic expansion. Panels a) and b) show extreme ultraviolet images taken by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly on board the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO/AIA). The pseudostreamer is apparent as the dark dome in Panel a) with characteristic quadrupolar substructure visible in Panel b). Panel c) shows CoMP observations of the fraction of linearly-polarized light, in which the intersection of the two dark lobes identifies the location of a coronal magnetic null (we have marked this position with the yellow star). Panel d) shows CoMP linear polarization direction both via the green arrows, and through the red/blue color scale indicating radial (black), clockwise-tilting (blue) and counterclockwise-tilting (red).


Relevant Publications

Magnetic nulls and super-radial expansion in the solor corona


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