SWG4: Geospace Community Modeling


A group dedicated to the development and support of HAO’s leadership and heritage in community geospace modeling activities.


To develop advanced models of the Sun-Earth system in order to solve critical problems of solar-terrestrial physics in collaboration with and support of the broader community and to develop capability for forecasting and attribution of space weather and space climate hazards.

Research Highlight

The Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model with Thermosphere and Ionosphere Extension (WACCM-X)

Sample template image
WACCM-X simulation of the "April Fools" geomagnetic storm in 2001, showing the global electron column density in units of 1012 cm-2. Note the "tongue of ionization" extending out of both the north and south auroral regions into the dayside low-latitudes, and the highly distorted equatorial ionosphere.


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