SWG2: Observing and Quantifying Solar Magnetism


Advance our understanding of solar magnetism, by engaging with the scientific community to further the study of fundamental plasma processes (kinetic, magnetic, radiative) and advance the development of polarized radiation transfer models and new diagnostic tools.

  • Design, execution, and interpretation of solar magnetism observations
  • Science definition and development of spectro-polarimetric instrumentation
  • Development and maintenance of spectro-polarimetric data pipelines

Research Highlight

The magnetism of the solar atmosphere drives and shapes all phenomena of space weather (SW)

Sample template image
Fractional polarization profiles, Q/I (left), U/I (center), and V/I (right), of the Ca II H-K doublet (top row), and the three lines of the IR triplet (second to fourth row). The black and blue curves show the profiles emerging near the limb (μ=0.1) and at disk center, in the presence of a magnetic field of 10 gauss inclined by 30 degrees from the local vertical to the solar surface, pointing away from the observer.


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