HAO Instrumentation Advisory Committee (HIAC)


The HAO Instrumentation Advisory Committee (HIAC) sets the priorities of the HAO Instrumentation program and provides oversight of the Instrumentation Group (IG) and the Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (MLSO). The HIAC is advisory to the HAO director.

The HIAC shall be composed of a cross section of scientists involved with instrumentation and related issues. The HIAC members will select a chairperson who will organize the activities of the committee. The HAO Director, the HAO Division Administrator, and the HAO IG manager will be ex-officio members of the HIAC.

All instrumentation projects will be required to have a Principal Investigator (PI). The PI will have overall responsibility for the project, will set the scientific requirements, and will monitor the project budget. Requests for IG personnel or financial resources will be made to the HIAC by the PI.

The HIAC will review all IG projects at their inception in order to ensure that instrumentation projects are able to achieve the scientific requirements, and that cost and staffing estimates are realistic and consistent with available resources. The HIAC will conduct internal design reviews during the course of the project as appropriate, and evaluate HAO-external design reviews.

The IG manager will create a master schedule of IG projects with a timeline for completion of each for the purpose of managing resources and tracking the progress of projects. The IG manager, together with HAO Administration, will institute and monitor efficient instrumentation project cost tracking. The HIAC will employ this tracking to identify problems, suggest appropriate solutions, and communicate potential cost overruns to the HAO director in a timely manner.

The HIAC shall meet approximately every 2 months.


Joan Burkepile
Alan Burns
Roberto Casini
Alfred de Wijn
Joanne Graham (ex officio)
Amy Knack (ex officio)

Michael Knoelker
Scott McIntosh (ex officio)
Scott Sewell
Steve Tomczyk (Chair)
Qian Wu