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Dates: Aug 22, 2022 to Sep 2, 2022
Location: NCAR's Center Green 1 (CG1) building in auditorium

Date: Aug 24, 2022
Time (MT): -
Speaker: Michael Hartinger
Location: Virtual

Date: Aug 31, 2022
Time (MT): -
Speaker: Benoit Tremblay
Location: Virtual

Latest News

Jack Eddy

3rd Eddy Cross Disciplinary Symposium 2022

The aim of the third Eddy Symposium is to bring scientists (both early-career and more senior) together, from diverse disciplines, to help define the next decade of helio-physical research, including its implications for planetary and astrophysical objects.

Center for Geospace Storms: Transforming the understanding and predictability of space weather

The Multiscale Atmosphere-Geospace Environment (MAGE) model

NCAR is a leading partner in the development of a model simulation that will transform scientists’ ability to model the impacts of space weather storms, which can disrupt radio communications, damage satellites, endanger astronauts, and down electrical grids. 

Erupting prominence

2022 UCAR/NCAR Summer Programs: Space Weather & Heliophysics

Join us for two excellent opportunities to broaden and deepen your understanding of Space Weather and Heliophysics, and to connect with the broader space physics community—the Boulder Space Weather Summer School and the Heliophysics Summer School.

UCoMP mounted on MLSO spar

UCoMP Instrument Nearing Science Mission Phase

The Upgraded Coronal Multi-Channel Polarimeter (UCoMP) coronagraph was deployed to Mauna Loa Solar Observatory in 2021.