Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (MLSO)

MLSO acquires unique observations of the Sun’s atmosphere to support NCAR’s goal to address critical gaps in understanding the Sun-Earth system and to provide observations to reduce damage and disruption from space weather hazards.

MAUNA LOA OBSERVATORY IS CURRENTLY CLOSED. It closed on Nov 28, 2022 when Mauna Loa erupted. NCAR is working on a solar panel power system to acquire MLSO observations during the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse. Once a new road is completed in June 2024, additional solar panels will be installed to provide long-term clean power. See the Mauna Loa volcano eruption page.

UCOMP FITS DATA RELEASEVersion 1.0.1 of the UCoMP fits data is now complete. The processing version is stored in the FITS primary header in the ‘DPSWID’ keyword. Please be sure to look at the UCoMP Users Guide that is provided with each FITS and quicklook download file. Please report any problems or questions about the data to:

Latest Images

K-Cor pB

K-Cor White Light Corona
Movie: Cropped
Movie: Full Res


UCoMP sample data from 2022-02-05
Version 1.0.1 FITS data now available


K-Cor White Light Corona (radial gradient filter applied)
Movie: Cropped
Movie: Full Res

CoMP Intensity

CoMP filtergram showing coronal emission intensity

Featured Event

Composite movie of CME on 2022-06-13
2022-06-13 CME

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