Suggested Reading

Introductory textbooks on astronomy and astrophysics (pre-calculus level)

  • Morrison, D., Wolff, S.C., and Fraknoi, A.: 1996, Exploration of the Universe (seventh edition), Saunders College Publishing (earlier editions were authored by G.O. Abell, Morrison and Wolff)
  • Zeilik, M., Astronomy: The Evolving Universe (eight edition): 1997, John Wiley and Sons


  • Thurston, H.: 1994, Early Astronomy, New York: Springer
  • Evans, J.: 1998 The History and Practice of Ancient Astronomy, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Archeoastronomy of the American southwest

  • Williamson, R.A.: 1984, Living the Sky, Norman: University of Oklahoma Press
  • McKim Malville, J., and Putnam, C.: 1989, Prehistoric Astronomy in the Southwest, Boulder: Johnson Books (revised edition 1993)

Archeology of the American southwest

  • Lister, R.H., and Lister, F.C.: 1993, Those who came before, Tucson: Southwest Parks & Monuments Association (second edition)

Chaco Canyon

  • Lister, R.H., and Lister, F.C.: 1981, Chaco Canyon, Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press
  • Frazier, K.: 1986, People of Chaco, New York: W.W. Norton
  • Noble, D.G. (ed.): 1984, New Light on Chaco Canyon, Santa Fe: School of American Research Press
  • Lekson, S.H., Windes, T.C., Stein, J.R., and Judge, W.J.: 1988, Scientific American209, 100-109
  • Vivian, R.G.: 1990, The Chacoan Prehistory of the San Juan Basin, New York: Academic Press

The nature and role of the Fajada butte 3-slab site

  • Sofaer, A., Zinser, V., and Sinclair, R.M.: 1979, Science206, 283-291
  • Newman, E.B., and Mark, R.K.: 1982, Science217, 1036-1038
  • Zeilik, M.: 1985, Archeoastronomy, no. 9 (supplement to Journal for the History of Astronomy16), S69-S85
  • Sofaer, A., and Sinclair, R.M.: 1986, Archeoastronomy, no. 10 (supplement to Journal for the History of Astronomy17), S59-S66 [and the following reply by M. Zeilik]

Southwestern rock art

  • Schaafsma, P.: 1980, Indian Rock Art of the Southwest, Santa Fe: School of American Research Press
  • Young, M.J.: 1988, Signs from the Ancestors, Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press

Supernova 1054 and its probable depiction in southwestern rock art

  • Brandt, J.C., and Williamson, R.A.: 1979, Archeoastronomy (supplement to Journal for the History of Astronomy10), S1-S38 and the following three papers in the same issue, for alternate viewpoints.

Cultural and ceremonial practices of Pueblo people in historical times

  • Waters, F.: 1963, Book of the Hopi, New York: Penguin Books
  • Green, J. (ed.): 1979, Zuñi: selected writings of Frank Hamilton Cushing, University of Nebraska Press

Specifically for solar and lunar observational practices

  • Zeilik, M.: 1985 Archeoastronomy (supplement to Journal for the History of Astronomy8), S1-S24
  • Zeilik, M.: 1986 Archeoastronomy (supplement to Journal for the History of Astronomy10), S1-S22 as well as chapter 4 of R. Williamson's book Living the Sky listed previously.
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