CMEx: The Chromospheric Magnetism Explorer

When (times in MT)
Wed, Mar 20 2024, 2pm - 1 hour
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Paul Bryans
Building & Room
CG1-2139 Capt Mary

CMEx is a proposed NASA SMEX mission that uses NUV spectropolarimetry to diagnose magnetism from the solar photosphere to the transition region. Measuring the magnetic field in this region of the solar atmosphere is crucial in being able to understand the conditions that lead to eruptions, with a view to eventually predicting their occurrence. In this talk I will describe the scientific motivation behind the mission, explain the instrumentation approach to make the necessary measurements, and discuss the mission status and path towards launch.

About the Speaker

Paul Bryans is a Project Scientist at the High Altitude Observatory of NCAR, where he researches the solar atmosphere. He was trained in atomic physics and spectroscopy, gaining his PhD from Strathclyde University on the spectral emission from non-Maxwellian plasmas. He now applies these skills to understanding observations of the solar chromosphere and corona. But he also likes to broaden his horizons as much as possible and has conducted research in the fields of supernova remnants, molecular clouds, and comets. He is also increasingly involved in instrumentation projects, including field expeditions to observe solar eclipses and most recently as the Instrument Scientist for CMEx.