Introducing CSMT Staff

The HAO Computer Systems Management Team (CSMT):

Image of Travis Kuennen

Travis Kuennen
CSMT Team Lead
Systems Administrator

Travis assists in the maintenance and troubleshooting of computer hardware, software and networking of HAO computer systems.

Image of Ron Lull

Ron Lull
Systems Administrator

Ron assists in the maintenance of the computer hardware, software and networking of the HAO computer systems. He is the HAO representative on the UCAR Colocation Facilities Management Committee.

Image of Tom Seving

Tom Seving
Systems Administrator

Tom assists in the management and troubleshooting of HAO hardware, software and networking.
Prior to joining the High Altitude Observatory, he worked at NCAR's Computational Information Systems Laboratory. Tom's primary focus is on configuration management. He serves on NCAR's JAMF engineering team and on other collaborative teams dedicated to streamlined management and patching of computer systems.