From Unix to Copiers

Please see our Printer List page for HAO printers and their specifications.

• Printing from HAO LINUX Systems using the lp Command

The lp commands work on the Linux systems using the CUPS (Common Unix Printing System). See the CUPS User Manual: "".

Below are examples of sending print jobs from LINUX:

lp -o sides=two-sided-long-edge filename (duplex printing)
lp -o landscape filename (landscape printing)

Additional examples:
lp -d hao-2151 -o DuplexNoTumble filename (portrait duplex)
lp -d hao-2151 -o Landscape filename (landscape page)
lp -d hao-2151 -o Tabloid filename (11"x17" page)

The printers can print PS, TEXT, and PDF and other file formats using the lp command. They use a set of different options than the regular lp commands however. If you need a complete listing of the printer options, send the following print job to one of the printers. Be advised that this will produce a large number of pages.

lp -d hao-2151 -o OPTIONS filename